Why It’s Profitable for Kiwi Homeowners to Have a Greenhouse

a gardener workingIf you have been planning to build an aluminium-framed glasshouse for your garden, a potential increase in your home’s value seems a good reason to pursue this project.

A report showed that regularly maintained gardens do not only increase the value of your property by 16 per cent, but they also hasten the process of a sale should you choose to put your home on the market someday.

Bigger Value

Edenlite.co.nz knows that the reason behind the increase in value is simple: buyers judge a property from its curb appeal. It only makes sense that people are more likely to get inside your home after seeing a nice landscape from the front.

Almost 70 per cent of the surveyed property agents think that gardens play an important role in a home sale, while 55 per cent of them believe that it reduces the transaction’s time line by up to several weeks. In terms of investment, having a greenhouse or modern landscaping also provides a decent return. Home-owners tend to recover more than three times of their money after factoring the cost of plants, construction materials, and recurring expenses for maintenance.

Choosing the Right Greenhouse

Aluminium is among the most common materials for building a greenhouse due to its affordability, less maintenance expenses, and resistance to corrosion. If you want it to blend in with its surroundings, be prepared to spend extra on colour coating.

Some glasshouse manufacturers in New Zealand provide warranties for construction. While these guarantees the quality of construction, it’s still best to choose a builder that could provide you with a greenhouse that could last for more than 10 years.

Those who want to add a greenhouse to their homes should consider professional help instead of planning to do it on their own. Expert opinion will be useful for several greenhouse-related topics from the right spot in your garden for sunlight to the best kinds of plants.