Vehicle Wraps: What Options Do You Have?

A woman putting a sticker on a carTo make your marketing easy and affordable, various types of vehicle wrap marketing strategies have evolved over the years. Additionally, graphic designers can tailor fit your requirements to the vehicle size and the budget at hand. That said, what options you have when it comes to vehicle wraps in Texas?

Lettering and Graphics

If you are looking for a combination of graphics and lettering with mild colors, then this is the best option. It is best used in a well-established business such as a franchise or a fleet of vehicles. The graphic can be your logo, or any other image relating to your business. Additionally, you may also add your social media accounts or your business quick-response codes.

Full vehicle wraps

This involves wrapping up of your entire vehicle with a film imprinted with logos, images, text, and graphics. The details are in large fonts, and the color should be catchy and related to your line of business. Due to the extremely outspoken nature of this vehicle wrap, they are majorly applicable to reviving old businesses or promoting a new product in your business.

Partial wrap and lettering

With this combo pack, the designer will evaluate your vehicle to determine the best location for the wrap and one for the lettering. The unwrapped bit highlights your contact details in fonts and colors that are noticeable. On the other hand, the wrapped bit will have your logo and company theme color dictating your presence and services offered. This wrap is best for companies that need minimal to average marketing.

When selecting your contractor, ensure that they can deliver consistent quality of matching work on all the vehicles. Also, ensure that they use high-quality materials that do not affect the painting of your car. Additionally, ensure that you go for a method that will last longer without fading away.