Trash Pumps: Its Types for Different Industrial Use

engineer checking meter of pumpTrash pumps are typically found in construction, quarrying and mining as well as other industries. They are designed to pump liquids that contain both hard and soft solids.

With its deep impeller vanes and a large discharge opening, trash pumps can process high volumes of liquids that clog pumps. The materials that are often processed by trash pumps include lubricating oil, kerosene, paraffin wax and asphalt. If you are looking for self-priming trash pumps for your business, here are some types to choose from:

Sanitary Pumps

Sanitary pumps are built with metre and slurries solutions that are commonly used in food processing or other materials that need higher levels of sanitation. It includes various pump types such as jet, airlift, positive velocity and centrifugal pumps that use rotating impellers and centrifugal force to generate speed.

Sanitary pumps have features such as battery back-up, adjustable speed and run-dry capability. They can also be used in an array of industries such as farms, food processors, biotech companies and breweries.

Positive Displacement Pumps

Positive displacement pumps typically transfer viscous liquids that are under greater pressure. The mechanical force from gears, diaphragms, pistons and other devices transfer the liquid through the pump. Aside from the mechanical force, the liquid is transferred when liquid that is pumped into a fixed cavity creates a vacuum.

Syringe pumps

Syringe pumps are used for the processing of materials that require the exact amount of flow at exact time intervals. There are two types of syringe pumps: infusion pumps where the fluid is processed at controlled and higher pressures and withdrawal pumps where the fluid is automatically removed. Solar power, manual and electricity that is either AC or DC are the power sources of syringe pumps.

Progressive Cavity Pumps

Progressive cavity pumps are usually used to remove suspended fluids and slurries that have solid particles. Progressive cavity pumps move fluids from the suction side of the pump to the discharge side, where the liquid is pumped through pipelines or transferred to storage tanks. This type of pump is usually used to transfer viscous materials that are slow moving efficiently.

Trash pumps ensure efficient plumbing systems in different industries. With knowledge of the different types of trash pumps, you can better select the kind that will suit your business’ needs best.