The Benefits of Side Stream Systems Over Full Flow Filtration

Cooling TowerWater is a significant component of any cooling tower as it is the main medium used for heat transfer. Since it is constantly exposed to air, installing a filtration system to a cooling tower is a must in order to preserve its cooling capacity and minimize the number of breakdowns. You may want to choose the side stream filtration systems over the full flow ones for the following benefits:

It Reduces the Need to Shut Down for Maintenance – While cooling towers do need to go offline once in a while for scheduled maintenance, using side stream filters eliminates the frequency to go offline solely for filter cleaning. The filtration system is separate from the main cooling system so it can be cleansed while leaving the cooling tower on and running. This feature allows an unhindered high level of productivity without sacrificing regular maintenance tasks.

It Makes Removal of Particles Easier – This system is designed under the principle that frequent removal of particles is the best way of cleaning the water in cooling towers. It is then generally easier to remove particles from the filter in a side stream system than a full flow system because the former's filter is easily accessible and the water flow does not need to be interrupted by particle removal.

It Reduces Chemical Use – Particles staying in the system, even if they are not in the water itself, can lower the effectiveness of some chemicals. This ratio of effectiveness and amount can prompt users to put in more of these chemicals just to make up for functionality. A side stream filter constantly removes particles from the cooling tower which reduces chemical use to a minimum. Reduced chemicals also minimize cost and the possibility of harmful side effects of overuse and exposure.

While a full flow filtration system also has its advantages, side stream filtration works better for those who need to maintain a consistent water flow in their cooling towers. So choose wisely and research on all possible options. Finally, do connect with a reputable cooling tower provider and ask for expert opinions on your choices.