Supermarket Layout: Which Items Should Go on Which Shelves?

grocery store aislesThe placement of items on your supermarket shelf rack systems is one of the primary things you need to focus on when designing the layout of your supermarket.

Yes, you need to think about aesthetics when creating the layout. But the main aspect you should pay attention to is how you could create an environment that would make people spend more time, and hopefully, more money in your supermarket.

Below are some pro tips to help you do just that.

For Shelves Nearest the Supermarket Entrance

Go to any successful supermarket and you will probably see a bakery, fresh produce and even some plants upon entering. These items are usually situated on the right side as you enter to rouse your senses, give you that fresh market feeling and encourage you to buy.

For the Top Shelves

These spaces are typically reserved for special deals, gourmet items and products that are not that fast moving since people cannot readily see them. It is likewise a common practice to place limited edition and pricier items on these areas.

For Shelves Directly at Eye Level

Most manufacturers consider these shelves as prime spots since the majority of people look for products to buy in these spaces because of the ease of access. That said, you should place your best sellers and leading brands here. If you have more space available, consider displaying some secondary brands here as well.

For Shelves at Eye Level of Children

These shelves usually contain items that are specially targeted towards kids. Placing items that appeal to children in these areas would immediately grab their attention. Your little ones can easily reach for the items and put them in the cart.

For Bottom Shelves

These areas are typically reserved for awkward-sized, oversized and bulky items because they are simply the most practical spaces for such products. Likewise, placing these items on the bottom shelves would make it easier for customers to get to them.

As you could see from above, placing items on specific areas would help customers find what they’re looking for more easily. This would increase the chances that they would buy your products.