Practical Measures to Boost Space Efficiency

Modern homeShrinking space and its rising costs have become topical issues in storage facility management. As a facility for storing raw materials and work-in-progress or finished goods for long periods, warehouses require adequate space.

Meanwhile, with the fast evolution-taking place in the e-commerce terrain, logistical complexities are also mounting. Thus, the challenge before storage facility managers today is how to create space efficiency to accommodate the increasing volume of goods.

Given the rising costs of land that are close to population centres, maximisation of existing space is one of the most viable options. These few measures provide practical ways of saving money while optimising storage space.


You can employ vertical arrangements to create space efficiency by using longspan rackings. Facilities that demand a heavy-duty storage system benefit a lot from this type of shelving arrangement. Another advantage is the option to customise for specific storage space regardless of size or dimensions.

Design Efficiency

Lack of adequate planning in design layout quickly leads to the cluttering of the warehouse aisles with obstruction of access and visibility. A good design will ensure proper organisation, thus making it easy to identify operational bottlenecks.

Lean Inventory

Do you have warehouse stock that is in excess of the requirement? By adopting lean inventory measures, you stock only what is necessary. This reduces the volume of goods in a category while allowing a wider range of products and increasing profit.

Workstation Organisation

You can reduce the time otherwise spent in searching for several pieces of equipment. A simple 5S lesson from Lean manufacturing will be handy here; Sort; Set in order; Shine; Standardise and Sustain. Following these steps will de-clutter the storage space.

Whether you are using your garage or warehouse as storage space, space efficiency remains paramount. Many storage area managers rely on longspan racking to achieve this efficiency while saving money with good results.