Indispensable Tools to Grow Your Agricultural Business

A FarmOwning an agricultural business is not an easy thing to do. You have to ensure everything in your farm runs smoothly all year round. If you want to be successful, there are some tools you would find handy.

Compact tractor/utility vehicle

Even if you have a power harrow that is available for sale in Australia, you may need to work your land using a tractor or a farm utility vehicle. Compact tractors are perfect for small farms. They can do almost anything depending on attachments you have on it. It can be used for setting fence posts, bailing hay, digging a foundation or even mowing your lawn.

Livestock trailer

If you have livestock, such as cows and horses, think of getting a stock trailer. This should be the case when you need to move your livestock from one place to another. The same comes in handy when you do not have a pickup truck to carry feed for your animals.

Crop ARM

Apart from hardware tools to manage your agricultural business, you will need some software to help you know how you can improve your farming techniques. Crop ARM uses more than a century of rain records to predict gross margin and yield outcomes for any crop. This is important as it helps you make critical farming management decisions before each planting season.

Nitrogen ARM

Most farmers use nitrogen fertilisers to increase their yields. It uses statistics which recognises the difference between supply and demand of nitrogen cereal crops. It is a useful software for cereal farmers who want to grow and improve their business. At the same time, it will provide updates on the best places to get affordable nitrogen fertiliser.

When you use any of these tools, you will notice an improvement in your yields regardless of the kind of farming you do. Additionally, some of these tools will ensure you are efficient in your farming business.