Giving Back to the Armed Forces: A Little Goes A Long Way

Car for Armed ForcesThe United States Armed Forces sweat and bleed for the safety and freedom of all Americans. Civilian citizens ought to appreciate this and give back. Giving back to the armed forces can range from simply sending a thank you message, to donating your old vehicles through charities like Donate A Car.

Reaching Out Overseas

It can get lonely and weary for those in service abroad. Getting packages which may include hygiene supplies, snacks, and handmade items remind them they're remembered and cared for. Receiving gratitude letters reminds them of their purpose, and encourages them to fight for their home.

Those on active-duty do appreciate the thank you notes sent to them, but some may prefer to write back home. Donating to Operation Write Home provides service personnel blank greeting cards they can mail home to their loved ones. Being away for so long may need more than letters and packages, so the USO offers Operation Phone Home. Donating to this program gifts active-duty troops a prepaid international calling card they can use to call home.

Providing For Veterans

There are also ways to let veterans know that what they’ve done for the country is greatly appreciated. Old cars can be donated. Medical supplies are also welcomed for wounded veterans. Coming home is usually a difficult adjustment, both physically and mentally, so donating to non-profit organizations which cater to military veterans goes a long way. Of course, not everyone can offer financial help, so there are organizations like Homes for Our Troops where volunteers can build or renovate homes for the veterans. There are also charities wherein volunteers can care for injured veterans.

Whether active-duty personnel or veteran, it's nice for them to experience the gratitude of their civilian countrymen. A little goes a long way when donating to or volunteering for the benefit of servicemen and servicewomen. They risk their lives in exchange for the lives of millions, so it’s just right that civilians spend even a bit of time and effort giving back to these heroes.