Gardening and Landscaping: Some Facts About the Business

GardeningOperating your own gardening and lawn care company is a great business opportunity. There are steady clients, so there is good money to be made.

Common Clients

The majority of clients you will probably get are baby boomers and retirees. Many of them own homes with gardens or lawns that need tending to, but they are of an age when caring for a garden has become too demanding. You can also get good business from those who are simply too busy to care for their garden or lawn, so it is possible that a lion’s share of your income will come from cutting grass.

Basic Tools

There are some tools you cannot do your job without. You need a mower, a hedge cutter, a knapsack type leaf blower and a trimmer. You will also use hand tools like a rake, a pruner, a digging shovel, a drain spade, an edger, a trowel and a wheelbarrow.

Support from Other Businesses

You may also need the support of other businesses to do your job. For example, you need a business to supply you with fertiliser and seeds. Both granular and liquid fertilisers have their advantages, so talk to your supplier about their uses. You may also need to work with a company that offers quality platforms for hire, so you can reach trees for cutting down or pruning.

In addition to working with other businesses, you should also have a small network that you may call upon when you need an extra set of hands for a job. Family and friends are typically the first choice.

Software for Landscaping

There are software choices for landscaping, such as Realtime Landscaping Plus, HGTV Ultimate Home Design, and Landscape Deck & Patio. These will make your life easier as they can help you come up with creative designs that will please and even amaze your clients.

A gardening and lawn care or landscaping business means hard work, so you have to be physically fit and mentally ready. Every job may take long hours, perhaps several days, but the rewards are great. Apart from the money, this business may keep you healthy as you work very close to nature.