Fire Doors: Crucial Tips for Enhancing their Functionality

Fire Doors and their proper usageCommercial buildings are all always handling high levels of human traffic. To keep people safe, there are regulations that you must comply with. According to ENTRO, one of the passive fire protection requirements for factories, offices, and public buildings is fire doors. They are also essential in some domestic situations. Fire doors serve many purposes. For them to work as expected, ensure that they are handled appropriately. Below are tips on keeping them functional.

Keep the fire door closed

The commercial door hardware offers different closing and opening mechanisms. Since fire doors are meant to contain combustion, closing them keeps fire, smoke, and heat within a specific area. This protects adjacent areas and exit routes. The doors have a latch bolt to help them stay closed even when there is excess pressure on one side of them. These should be easy to work with to enhance operability during an emergency. You should, therefore, avoid propping the door open at any given time as it renders it dysfunctional and incapable of preventing the spread of fire in commercial buildings.

Avoid tampering with the fire door

Avoid screwing or drilling on a fire door. Cracks and holes render it weak and lower its fire protection rating. When this happens, you will be required to make a replacement. If you have to attach anything to the door, use adhesive and be keen not to block the glass view window.

Clear the area around the fire door

For the fire door to work optimally, it is essential to keep the area around it free of clutter. Storing combustibles creates a weak link as the door can only withstand fire for a given time. Also, when items pile around it, they become a hazard to those escaping. It also makes it hard for emergency personnel seeking entry into the building to put the fire off.

Fire doors help in compartmentalising toxic fumes, smoke, heat and fire. They also protect exit areas to allow safe evacuation. The above considerations ensure that they work properly. It is essential to let employees at all levels know of these so that they do not unknowingly interfere with the operability of fire doors.