Design Ideas for Large Format Printing

Printing machineRegardless of the large format printing services you are looking for, you want the design to be outstanding. Moreover, whether you will design or are planning to outsource the work, it is important to understand what it takes to have an excellent design on a banner or any large format printing project.

Here are some ideas to help you with your next banner printing project:

Use Vector Images

Unlike bitmap formats, which are great for display purposes, vector images use mathematical equations to define shapes and lines. That said, these images remain the same regardless of the scaling that you may need to apply to suit your design needs. The images are also available in small file sizes and will save time, as the design process involves a few procedures.

Look for Contrast in Your Image

Whilst you have the colours that you need to use in your design to represent your brand, it is advisable to ensure that these colours contrast. That, however, should not affect the readability of the text elements in your banner. Remember that people need to relate with your choice of colours, as well as with the words.

Maintain Balance

Combining text and image in a banner can be a difficult task, especially when you need to maintain balance in your design item. Avoid using too many words or images; you can always supplement that with graphics. When all the elements are in balance, your design remains readable and eye-catching.

For any excellent design, it is important that you observe the rules of visual hierarchy to meet your goals in attracting your customers. The important details in the design should come first and have the most conspicuous font. The output will depend on how good your design is; consider each of the factors mentioned above before you proceed with the design phase.