Are Cavity Sliding Doors a True Space-Saving Solution?

Sliding doorsWhen it comes to looking for space-saving solutions for your home, you would probably consider the size of your furniture or a storage room for your trinkets.

It’s understandable to look at these factors first because they do have a large impact on saving space. Many interior designers also have their take on how to help you save more space. But when it comes right down to it, as the experts at explain, cavity sliding doors can provide that much needed extra space, by up to 85%, for your home and more.

A Definitive Space-saver

Cavity sliding doors are an effective space-saving solution for your home and are far better than their hinged door counterparts in more ways than one. For one thing, hinged doors need space for the door itself and the path of its rotation which simply means it takes up more space. Cavity sliding doors, in comparison to hinged doors, free up space by requiring a mere fraction of it.

For another thing, cavity sliding doors have different applications in the house. You can use it for easy entry into bathrooms, walk-in wardrobes and living spaces both indoor and outdoor.

Moreover, cavity sliders are customisable for living and industrial spaces. This type of door also works for other solutions to maximise space. All these features make cavity sliding doors the definitive space-saving door system.

More Space-saving Options

Of course, you can explore other ways to save space. You can use vertical storage to make the most out of a small room. Attach shelves to walls and you can eliminate the need for certain furniture to display your trinkets or books.

You can also opt to make dual-purpose spaces. By joining what would be two separate rooms into one, you maximise space in another room and isolate clutter.

Your doorways can offer opportunities for saving space. With the many features of cavity sliders, why not consider the door system as a way to maximise square footage in your home?