A Great Fit: The Value of Press Fittings for Your Gas Heating Systems

Gas Heating SystemsPress fittings are secure and are relatively easy and quick to install while able to handle a lot of pressure. This makes them one of the safest, most efficient and competitive fittings for gas heating systems. And if you consider the other following benefits they offer, you'd understand why they are now a popular choice and a truly wise investment.

They Help Prevent Fire – Gas leaks are one of the biggest dangers that affect gas heating systems and a little spark from a nearby source can easily result in a fire or an explosion. The main function of press fittings is to connect pipes while handling the different degrees of pressure required. That said; stronger and more durable connections between pipes can reduce the amount of gas leakage from the heating system and therefore reducing the chances of fire.

They Help Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – Aside from gas leaks, carbon monoxide seepage can result from substandard pipe fittings. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous substance and can be dangerous if inhaled in large amounts. Even a small leak can dump lethal volumes of this toxin in the air over time and is usually unnoticed until the symptoms manifest themselves in individuals nearby. Using proper gas press fittings by Europress reduces the probability of this happening thereby keeping the area safe and secure against such incidents.

They Reduce Cost – Leaks results in the release of extra gas into the atmosphere which can reduce your heating system's efficiency. Besides, that's a waste of energy which would eventually add to your utility bills. Also, since press fittings are more durable and longer lasting than other the regular models, you will save on constant repairs.

Press fittings equate efficiency, durability and value thus making it the best choice for your heating systems. However, one should remember that ensuring the quality of pipe connections is only a part of the whole system. That said; regularly clean, maintain and repair your gas heaters as well. After all, prevention of accidents and damages is still a more economical option than dealing with the damage of neglect.